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Spectrum Disorders

Chiropractic Care for Spectrum Disorders

Spectrum of Disorders  

Individuals who suffer from spectrum disorders have difficulty communicating and interacting with other people, restricted interests, repetitive behaviors, and symptoms that inhibit their ability to function properly at school, work and other areas of life.

Although an individual can be diagnosed with a spectrum disorder at any age, symptoms usually appear in the first two years of life.

Common symptoms among individuals with a spectrum disorder can include:

  • Making little or inconsistent eye contact
  • Tending to look away from or not listening to people 
  • Failing to or being slow to respond when someone calls their name or tries to verbally get their attention 
  • Having trouble with maintaining a dialogue 
  • Using facial expressions, movements and gestures that don’t fit the conversation 
  • Having an unusual tone of voice that may sound flat, robotic, or sing-songy 
  • Repeating certain behaviors or displaying unusual ones 
  • Having a lasting interest in certain topics 
  • Being overly focused on certain interests 
  • Getting upset by a slight change in routine 
  • Being more or less sensitive than other people to sensory input 

Chiropractic Treatment for Spectrum Disorders  

Although the variety of spectrum disorders is so wide that a proven cure-all has not been found, chiropractic care can be an effective treatment option for many children and teens who are diagnosed with spectrum disorders. 

Kids who visited chiropractors for their spectrum disorders showed improvement in their:

  • Motor, cognitive and speech skills
  • Eye contact
  • Attitude
  • Language development
  • Sleep
  • Emotional regulation

Through subluxation-based treatment, gentle chiropractic adjustments and regular, restorative care, children can find relief from their spectrum disorders and get back to being kids! 

To learn more about chiropractic care for spectrum disorders, contact our team at Living Hope Chiropractic.

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